September 14-16, 2022 Indianapolis


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Breakout Sessions

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Managing vs. Coaching: Constructive or Destructive?

"We're bringing back a new version of one of our most popular sessions with Kevin Benz, who tackles the tricky business of managing people. From difficult conversations to coaching for success and retaining great people, this interactive, collaborative session will make managing people more manageable and help you create a culture of recognition in your newsroom.

Recent Gallup research proved that people who receive the right amount of feedback and recognition are 56% less likely to look for another job and 70% less likely to burn out. It’s not hard to give good feedback but it takes an understanding of what “good” feedback is. Whether you are trying to improve performance, correct behavior, or motivate a talented employee to new heights, good coaching takes practice, and in this session, we will practice together."

Mind the (Age) Gap: Navigating Multigenerational Newsrooms

Most newsrooms have three or more generations in the workplace, each often misunderstood, stereotyped and butting heads with the others. This interactive and collaborative training brings understanding to each generation to build empathy, shares tools to bring together the team around a shared mission and vision and creates space for peer-to-peer sharing of ideas and resources that have helped leaders and their teams navigate the newsroom together.

Beating Burnout: Fixing the Rise of Chronic Stress

This interactive training with Dr. Kate Steiner, Burnout Recovery Strategist and known expert on happiness in the workplace gets right to the heart of the burnout that’s been plaguing leaders in newsrooms around the country. How do you create space for yourself and show up for your team? In this session, you will be introduced to a model that builds resilience to burnout. Learn techniques to tackle your own stress, anxiety, and exhaustion as well as how to better support your team, especially when we're all working to do more with less.

Culture Wars: Why Building a Great One Matters

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast." So why aren't we putting more into creating a great culture within the newsroom? In this hands-on session, you'll look at the markers of a great culture, find tools to help you assess your current culture and learn how to improve the collective culture that leads to a successful team.

Battling The Great Resignation: How to Get 'em and Keep 'em

How do you create a diverse, inspiring newsroom? How do you attract the most talented young journalists — and then hold on to them? How do you address your staff's changing expectations post-pandemic? In this session, two veteran journalists, Andrew Heyward and Tina McDuffie, dive deeper into Heyward’s recent piece on the crisis in local newsroom recruitment, retention, and morale. As Heyward wrote for the Knight-Cronkite News Lab at ASU, "The rupturing pipeline for young TV journalists is a major pain point for news directors, and the worsening shortage of new recruits is touching off a snowball or domino effect — pick your metaphor — of stress, burnout and resignations among those who already work in the newsroom." Join Heyward and McDuffie for a highly interactive conversation that will go beyond the problems we all know about to focus on potential solutions — a unique chance to share your own experience and to hear what your colleagues are doing to address these critical issues.

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